Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Small Fry: The Railway Children

I call my kids the railway children, after the children in the book by E. Nesbit. There is a line in the book that says:

"Mothers never have favourites, but if their Mother had had a favourite, it might have been Roberta."

Well that's my eldest- my 'Bobby' as I like to call her. Always there, works hard, has her moments but generally not too bad! (I actually say to all my children, "You're my favourite...but don't tell the others!" If they ever discuss and find out I've said it to all 3 of them, well they should have done what Mama Jax told them and kept quiet!)
The middle child in the book is Peter, a bit obsessive and rather odd, just like my 'Peter'. My Peter has autism, and that's a blog of it's own! He, like many boys his age, is obsessed with Doctor Who but unlike most boys he can tell you anything and everything about any given episode. Go on- comment a question and test him!
My little 'Phyllis' is the diva of the family (I can't think who she gets it from- I blame her dad!) She's taken to replying to me with, "Whatever...Girlfriend!" complete with clicks.

I have worked with challenging kids for over 6 years now, and I love every minute of it! It's toughened me up that's for sure!!! In this blog I hope to share with you my parenting highs and low. Parenting is hard enough, without having to struggle on your own, so feel free to share your worries, difficulties, tips and successes.

Today, a little laughter...
Me: Peter, the clocks go back next weekend.
Peter: Back where?

Mama Jax

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